Advocacy and Government Relations

  • Promoting small business programs on the Hill and at agencies
  • Assisting clients to engage the Hill and agencies
  • Non-legal agency intervention

Advocacy and Government Relations is often overlooked as an effective tool in navigating the federal government contracting arena and small business contracting programs. Our team has the experience and insight to guide you through necessary actions needed to resolve contracting issues or participate in the legislative and regulatory process. However, if navigating Capitol Hill or various federal agencies is not for you, we can represent you and your interest.

The GovContractPros team has testified before relevant House and Senate Small Business Committees, advocated for small businesses through strategic interactions with congressional committees, and closely worked with small business specialists, contracting officials, and agency senior leadership to hold them accountable to small business goals and rules. These first-hand experiences and strong relationships provides us with great insight into the process and allows us to effectively engage key stakeholders. Through proven advocacy strategies, and proactive engagement and outreach, we will navigate Capitol Hill and Federal agencies ensuring your message is strategically disseminated to resolve your concerns.