Successfully differentiating your company from the competition is critical in the federal marketplace. A high quality product or service and competitive pricing are critical parts of the formula for success. However, you can also level-up your appeal to federal buyers by obtaining one or several designations for set-asides under various federal small business contracting programs.  With these designations, you can not only differentiate yourself, but, in the process, help federal buyers achieve important agency goals.

These certification programs are each governed by their own unique rules. Entering the programs can be as simple as checking a box or as complex as navigating a months-long application and eligibility process with an agency. GovContractPros can help you decide which programs have the greatest potential benefits and ensure your application processes are as smooth as possible. Additionally, GovContractPros can assist your company in the event of a protest or enforcement action as in those circumstances,providing timely responses can be critical to maintaining a healthy relationship with your federal buyer contacts.

GovContractPros offers the following types of assistance:

  • 8(a) Business Development Program – Eligibility Review; Application Preparation; Social Narrative Preparation; 2 Year Waiver Preparation; Requests for Reconsideration; Appeals of Adverse Determinations; Annual Review Preparation; and other services.
  • HUBZone Program – Eligibility Review; Application Preparation; Material Change Notices; and other services.
  • Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contract Program – Assistance with Third Party Certification; Eligibility Review; Application Preparation; Protest Responses; Requests to Set-Aside or Sole-Source under the Program; and other services.
  • Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business Program – Eligibility Review; Protest Responses.
  • Veteran-Owned Small Business Certification through the Veterans Administration Center for Verification and Eligibility (CVE) – Eligibility Review; Application Preparation; Request for Appeals of Adverse Determinations; and other services.
  • Private-sector certifications – Several certifications exist within the private sector that are not recognized by the federal government yet provide a key to private sector, municipal, and/or state-level opportunities. GovContractPros has expertise with these various certification programs and can advise when they may be an appropriate component of your business development strategy.