Business Development

Selling to the government can be a challenging proposition and very different if you are accustomed to private sector supply chains. Pipelines – from project identification to capture – can range from eighteen to twenty-four months.  And although all acquisitions in excess of $25k are listed on FedBizOpps, chances are, by the time they are listed, the probable winner has already prepared their proposal and arranged for their teaming partners. These factors can make it extremely difficult to break in to the federal marketplace and why tapping into the business development expertise of GovContractPros will strengthen your positioning.

Market research is critical for identifying your potential target and upcoming bidding opportunities early. Who is buying what you are selling? Which agencies? What component? What buying activity? Are they setting the requirements aside for small businesses, Women-Owned Small Businesses, or HUBZone certified firms? What program office is responsible for the acquisitions? Who is the  contracting officer? And is there an agency small business specialist advocating for small business set-asides? These are all critical research areas that can help you steer your limited resources towards the most probable and lucrative opportunities, well ahead of any listing in FedBizOpps. Furthermore, you will want to be armed with the knowledge of which goals your target agency is not meeting. If they are having a difficult time meeting their HUBZone goals, provide them with a solution.

Once you have the above information, you will need to connect and build relationships with the critical decision makers, the program offices, the acquisition offices and the small business specialists. GovContractPros can conduct the necessary research, identify the decision makers and assist in important introductions in order to foster long-lasting business relationships.