In the ever-changing world of federal procurement, it’s tough to keep your mind wrapped around each initiative and rule change. Although challenging, it’s essential to develop a strategy to harness these changes to drive positive outcomes for your company’s bottom line.

Small business federal contractors have limited resources to track, interpret, and implement responses in this evolving landscape, which is why GovContractPros is excited to present next week at the HUBZone Small Business Week Virtual Summit, hosted by the HUBZone Contractors National Council. John Shoraka and Aditi Dussault will be demystifying recent policy trends and regulatory changes affecting small business contractors. 

In their session, “Keeping Up with Shifts in Acquisition Trends,” John and Aditi will provide entrepreneurs with a lens to analyze and understand the historic shift of the marketplace and stay ahead of the curve. They will lay out the facts about Strategic Sourcing initiatives and how small businesses can use teaming arrangements like mentor-protege relationships and joint ventures to remain competitive as requirements become larger and more complex. They will also cover the process which governs how changes to small business programs happen, and how small businesses can advocate within that process to support their long-term health. Lastly, they’ll touch on some recent regulatory updates to the WOSB, 8(a), and Mentor Protege Programs.

The federal contracting landscape has many twists and turns, but the right guides can help you navigate. The HUBZone Small Business Virtual Summit will connect you with speakers and peers who know the landscape and can help you chart your course to success.

Hubzone Small Business Week Virtual Summit runs September 8-11, 2020. Register here.