Note: we have redacted the .jp user account details for privacy purposes.

Did you receive an unexpected email notification like the one above, indicating that an unrecognized email address updated your entity registration?

If so, you are not alone. GovContractPros became aware of this issue on March 8, 2023. Numerous registered entities received this notice in error: that a specific account from a .jp email domain updated a SAM profile. In this message, all identifying details of the entity (Legal Business Name, UEI, Created Date, Expiration Date, and Point of Contact) were unpopulated. While has recently begun notifying Entity Administrators of legitimate SAM profile updates, the specific notification above, about updates from a user account at a .jp email domain, appears to have been sent in error.  

GovContractPros has learned that the U.S. General Services Administration (“GSA”) is aware of the problem and has acknowledged that this notification was generated by in error.GSA has advised Entity Administrators should ignore the message.GSA reports that the matter is related to a software issue, and does not appear to be a scam, phishing attempt, hack, malicious behavior, or a security breach.

GovContractPros recommends that Entity Administrators remain vigilant and monitor your profile(s) for any unauthorized changes or unrecognized access.  These changes may be difficult to spot, as legitimate update notifications also appear to be lacking entity details. GSA will provide the latest updates on this matter on the Integrated Award Environment (“IAE”) Interact webpage here.

In the meantime, know that GSA is investigating the matter; however, if you have questions or concerns about your profile, or if you received the notification described above, please feel free to contact us.